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About US - Precision of New Hampton

Precision of New Hampton, Inc., a family owned business, is located in the northeast corner of Iowa.  The population of New Hampton is near 3,500.  Yes, small, but, combining the workforce from the surrounding communities and the compliment of Midwest work ethic and background, Precision prides itself with the most talented and able-bodied building team in the industry.

Mission Statement
First and Foremost to build the #1 Quality Torque Converter, While At the Same Time, Maintain the Highest Integrity Within the Workforce, Through Respect, Loyalty and Caring For the Staff That Helps Each And Every Day To Make Precision #1.
Testing Run outs on Torque Converters
The sales force and customer service representatives are top notch.  Your phone call is answered by a knowledgeable staff member and nine times out of ten, the first person on the phone is all that you will need to place your order.
Testing Run outs on Torque Converters
What about the quality, you ask?  Precision's overall comeback rate is less than 1%.  In fact, the majority of our customer's have a much lower comeback rate.  Every torque converter is balanced both internally and externally.  Computer controlled lock-up testing, leak testing, and quality assurance in our run outs are all part of our quality control standards.  Precision is truly a manufacturer that is quality driven.  We do more than just cut them open and weld them back together.

Our Process Is More Precise And Integrates Trade Secrets.

Precision Can Build ALL Types Of Torque Converters. Where most converter builders just scratch the surface, Precision of New Hampton does it all...

  • Automotive Torque Converters
  • Racing or Stall Torque Converters
  • Industrial Torque Converters
  • Heavy Duty Torque Converters
  • Specialty Torque Converters.
Precision Torque Converters
Precision has 46 warehouses and distribution centers across the United States, with next day shipping to the entire country.  Our staff has over 150 years of experience in customer service.  They are very courteous and knowledgeable in all applications.  Whatever your question, we have the answer.
The production facility is over 286,000 square feet and we are constantly expanding production capabilities for ALL of our torque converter lines.

Precision is able to store the LARGEST SUPPLY OF TORQUE CONVERTER CORES IN THE WORLD, enabling our plant the capacity to always meet our customer torque converter needs.

Precision Torque Converter Cores

And last, but definitely not least, we are PROUD to say that we have the BEST customers in the industry. We like to think that it's because we look after our customers' needs and provide them with a product that is superior in QUALITY and RELIABILITY to any other converter on the market today.

Don't take OUR word for it,