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Torque Converts - Precision of New Hampton

Precision makes Torque Converters for EVERY AUTOMOBILE EVER MADE. All applications, common or rare, we have the Torque Converter for you..
A Prototype is created in 1 week, allowing real world testing. We can make any converter from to 150mm - 600mm in size.

Forklifts | Military Vehicles | Specialty Vehicles

Precision's Stall Torque Converters will out-perform all other competitors.

We are THAT sure of the quality and performance.

Heavy Duty Torque Converters are a Must Have for any vehicle that demands more than regular use.
The Industrial Torque Converters built by Precision are by far the BEST in the industry.
Precision builds more Specialty Torque Converters than any other manufacturer in the industry. This includes converters for Classic, Prototype, Hybrid and Concept cars.